Auction Off Your Unwanted Items

Double Eagle Auctions helps sell any unwanted items from your home or business.


Whether you're unwinding a business or selling items from an estate sale, we can unload excess inventory through an auction. 

Get rid of everything at once and convert it into cash.

Our Services

Need to get rid of excess stuff? Check these out to see if we're right for you


Estate Sale

What estate sale liquidators won’t tell you is that rates vary according to locale but average around 35%, per sale.


We can take over the process of auctioning off your items better than a tag or yard sale. 

Office Equipment

Closing a business or division means getting stuck with an excess of old printers, computers, specialized equipment, and even desks. 


Double Eagle Auctions can resell your equipment among other things to targeted audiences.


Are you considering downsizing?

Many families and liquidators are interested in your belongings.


Double Eagle Auctions gets your items in front of them. 

Message From Our Founder

"As the former CEO of a jewelry finance company that held auctions four times a year, I understand the auctioneering process. My 25 years of professional experience bring unique insight into the business. I can make the process as simple as possible for my clients."

Isaac P. Rodriguez 

Founder of Double Eagle Auctions


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Contact us for a consultation about what you're looking to sell. We sell anything from home furnishings to business equipment.